Saturday, December 29, 2007

drink it up

When Hi-C gets me low
My lubbot's blue ain't blue it's brown
my nestle's quick just makes me slow
when my sparkling cider's lost its shine
my can of sharp's is dull
hawaiian punch has knocked me cold
a feeling hits my skull.
and my mind just turns to pepsi
and i couldn't tell you why
smart drinks lead me to forget
and coke won't get me high
when constant comment won't shut up
i'll sit right down and fill my cup
with pepsi
drink it up
When diet rite to me is wrong
my country time's expired
my minute maid's an hour long
my maxwell house won't get me wired
when my pet milk turns on me
and my five alive is dead
when my royal crown's been overthrown
an impulse hits my head
and my mind just turns to pepsi and i think of it a lot
my swiss miss just wasn't pure
and kool-aid isn't hot
when a lot of smoothies rough me up
i'll turn to a bigger cup of pepsi
drink it up...
when samuel adams makes me ail
dr. pepper's not around
when sweet success has let me fail
i crave a flavor most profound
and my mind just turns to pepsi
when i look i see i buy
my crystal light has just burned out
and canada's gone dry
my yoohoo will not call to me
i am a loyal endorsee of pepsi
drink it up